High-quality weldedconstructed or assembled steel products and constructions require a perfect coating or galvanization. NMH offers you this service. It prolongs the operational life.

Galvanization, prime coating, powder coating or wet spray paint coating offers industrial products manufactured from various alloys of steel (carbon, stainless, etc.) optimal corrosion prevention. Moreover, they guarantee the user’s safety.


Our facility is conditioned for spray coating purposes, suitable for an atmospheric corrosive category C5-M. We can cover large surfaces with an evenly coated layer of paint in various RAL colors. Multi-layer coatings for the most outstanding industrial conditions are optional.


Protect your stainless steel, non-galvanized carbon steel or galvanized steel products (Duplex) against corrosion with powder coating for a high-quality result. After the pretreatment for the most durable and long-lasting result, we can apply a single layer or multiple layers, meeting your exact requirements.

As powder coating is finished off the oven, once it has cooled and hardened, your product can be transported immediately. It is impact-resistant and ready to withstand influences such as high and low temperatures and UV-radiation, and other climate factors.


Galvanized metal will also stop corrosion in any environment. This steel protection method is commonly applied to constructions with an outdoor purpose needing to withstand harsh weather conditions.

During the hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) process, your product will receive a long-lasting coating of metallic zinc that is abrasion resistant. The overall zinc layer provides long-lasting cathodic protection and will prevent your product to rust. Applying cuts or drill holes will not affect the lifespan.

Even if small areas become damaged, the corrosion will not exceed beyond the damaged spots. Nor will they form a weak spot or loose strength. Damages can be repaired easily.

In our vicinity, we cooperate with galvanizing companies that know our quality standards for the machines and installations we manufacture and can handle large constructions.

Whether you require one layer for building constructions or multiple layers according to ISO, NEN, and CE standards, we can coat in any desired RAL color. Also, flame retardant coatings are possible.

For more information, please reach out to our office staff. We look forward to helping you.


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