In our 5000 m2 production facility, NMH offers various assembly services. Besides engineering and welding various carbon steel alloys and stainless steel base constructions, we can also assemble machines and installations. We complete your industrial product by assembling, for instance, steel parts, electronics, and hydraulic or pneumatic components.

Completed products or machinery require a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) ensuring no problems will occur during startup and operation. We can arrange the execution of acceptance testing for you. Also, we can arrange pressure testing for pressure vessels by official notified bodies, for instance, TÜV NORDVUZ and LR.

Contracting your assembly to NMH provides a few advantages. We are equipped to construct high-quality machinery and installations, from small to large, from light to heavyweight, from simple to complex units. The engineers from the adjacent NMH engineering department and project managers provide extra quality control and inform you timely about the progress, ensuring accuracy and efficiency during operations.

Our workshop is stocked with all the materials and spare parts the job requires. Also, our logistics and project management team will take care of timely delivery to your customer.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions. We gladly explain how our service saves you time and money.


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