Steel pressure vessels require certain engineering expertise as well as manufacturing skills that meet the safety and high-quality standards. NMH possesses both the knowledge and competence to design and produce pressure tanks and heat exchangers for a wide variety of applications. Also, we bank on the many decades of experience attained by Heilig Group.


Optimal heat transfer and pressure vessels in various processes implicate selecting the ultimate design and high-quality materials. The perfect choice depends on the type of fluid, quantity of fluid and application. We engineer our designs according to the codes:

  • PED
  • AD Merkblätter
  • ASME (including U-stamp)
  • TEMA
  • Specific regulations of notified bodies e.g. TÜV NORDVUZ and LR


Tanks or vessels under pressure require a housing designed to meet maximum safety standards to withstand certain temperatures and pressure, depending on the specific application. NMH builds according to your requirements, which could include a horizontal or vertical design, precise dimensions, inspections hatches, and other accessories or connections.

Our range includes the following types:

  • process-vessels
  • expansion tanks
  • steam drums
  • gas scrubbers
  • condensate separators
  • manifolds


To regenerate existing heat or energy within various industries and to transfer this to all sorts of mediums or fuels can be done by installing a heat exchanger. Thinks of applications such as flue gas cooling or industrial cooling processes, gas treatment, chemical processes and in condensing, heating, and evaporations systems.

At NMH, we manufacture (commissioned) heat exchangers made to measure complying customer’s specific needs. We consider factors such as materials (various steel alloys), installation space, application, required gain based on extensive calculations, corrosiveness, and temperatures. Besides reducing the CO2 emission, other advantages of including a heat exchanger are optimizing your process installation and using less energy. The last two advantages result in lower overall costs.

These heat exchangers can be used in a wide variety of types and dimensions and can be carried out horizontally and vertically, including:

  • economizers
  • shell and tube heat exchangers
  • flue gas coolers
  • tubular heat exchangers
  • flue gas condensors
  • air preheaters

We invite you to contact us at your earliest convenience for any questions you may have or to find out what NMH can do for you.

Pressure vessels

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