Specialized knowledge about recycling machinery for a wide variety of recycling industries is what you will find in NMH as a partner. From engineering to production, from assembly to logistics, we offer our industrial services separately or as a turnkey solution to manufacture your specific machine or product.

Recycling machinery supplier

NMH-SRO is a leading company that focuses on supplying recycling machinery. Recycling machines are machines that reuse materials by processing them into new products. Keeping in mind the importance of sustainability and environmental awareness, they offer tailor-made recycling solutions for various materials. The wide range of recycling machines, including shredders, sorting and screening installations, balers, and more, offer solutions for the processing of various waste streams. Whether it concerns plastic, wood, paper or other materials, NMH-SRO offers a tailor-made solution. Our machines are efficient, reliable and meet the highest quality standards. We have extensive experience in the design, installation and maintenance of recycling machinery and ensure that the customers receive the best solutions to suit their needs. At NMH-SRO, you can rest assured that you are getting the right recycling equipment for your business, reducing your waste stream and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Latest recycling technologies

The latest recycling technologies are applied to our machines to aim at a zero waste community. Every single unit or complete installation we design and manufacture provides both high throughput and purities. Let us take care of planning and construction. We can build you a customized recycling machine according to the most stringent quality demands.

Tailor-made recycling machinery for your industry

NMH machinery for recycling, sorts, separates, and cleans streams for industries such as household waste, construction and demolition, and plastic recycling. They can consist of (a.o.):

  • Crushers and shredders
  • Conveying systems
  • Bunkers, silos, and hoppers
  • Classifiers and screens

We welcome you to contact us with your specific recycling requirements. We gladly share our knowledge and experience to find a tailor-made solution fitting your needs.

Recycling machinery

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