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A steel chassis or frame, made to measure, is a perfect base for any type of machinery, vehicle or special equipment. As we manufacture complete machines and various industrial equipment at NMH, we know that precisely made and robust structures provide a high-quality base rendering long-term operation and low maintenance.

We offer our services in designing and manufacturing steel frames for many industries, including:

  • Bulk material handling machinery
  • Wood processing machines
  • Heat exchangers and pressure vessels
  • Custom-made machinery
  • Crane building
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Ship deck equipment
  • Offshore construction

Applications can be found in base frames and chassis for skids (mostly used as a foundation for machines or vehicles), conveying systems, screening machines, transloading equipment, specialty or utility vehicles, and cranesContact us also if you require support frames for industrial stairs, platforms, and walkways for processing installations.

Our production facility provides specialized techniques for high-quality welding of various steel alloys. For instance, TIG welding for stainless steel applications which offers optimal strength and resistance. The structures we build can comply with industry standards such as ISO 3834-2 and EN1090-1 EXC3. Also, visual, ultrasone, and magnetic tests (NDT) and inspections can be executed by notified bodies (e.g. TÜV NORDVUZ and cooperating with LR).

For the finishing touch, we can deliver your base with a prime coating or apply a wet spray coating up to an atmospheric corrosive category C5-M (or custom-specified standards). Alternatively, we supply corrosion protection using powder coating or provide your structure with hot dip galvanizing.

Would you like to know which industrial steel frame or chassis we can manufacture for you in our facility? Please do not hesitate to contact us with this question. Or with any other question you may have.

Steel chassis or frame

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