For this project, we worked together with Geurts International. We contained the design and production of various heat exchangers including inlet and outlet ducting. For this project we have provided:

  • Finned tubular steam & condensate / air heat exchangers
  • Bare tubular anti-icing heat exchanger

Steam and condensate are used here to de-ice and preheat ambient air. Aluminium fins ensure compactness of these heat exchangers and efficient heat transfer processes. These PED Cat IV heat exchangers are designed for design conditions of 18 barg and 220 °Celsius.

The various heat exchangers will be installed in Belgium and used for heat recovery in a drying system within the food industry.

Contract manufacturing for industrial machinery and constructions

Our scope started with the engineering and manufacturing of conveyors, heat exchangers, wood processing machinery, and recycling and material handling machines.

Since the start, our services have expanded. Both in variety and in the clients we supply in many industries. Today, we offer a diversity of services to design and construct industrial products in-house according to our clients’ requirements.

NMH was founded by the Dutch Heilig Group in 2010. This extension offers our customers financial stability and broad access to the group-wide knowledge leading to further innovations.