Wood Processing

We are responsible for the production of wood processing machines for Bezner-Oswald. We produce machines for rounding, profiling, peeling, cutting, chopping, splitting and so forth.

Besides the standard machines, we can produce many different other types. The machines are constructed robustly and have high reliability, and little maintenance is needed.

We have many different types of wood processing machines.

For example:

  • Cutting and Sawing machines
  • Rounding machines
  • Profiling machines
  • Horizontal screen
  • Pole peeling machine
  • Special solutions, etc.

The rounding machines can be used for the production of rounded logs. Using the profiling machines, all kinds of profiles can be produced, for example for log houses and landscape buildings.

With these machines the feed rate and processing speed is very important: for the rounding machines the speed is up to 39 m per minute and the finished diameter can be up to 500 mm, depending on the customer´s requirements.

Since 2010 we’ve produced around 65 machines: 40 machines as part of complete installations and an additional 25 single machines for customers.

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